Monday, March 06, 2006

Much yet to learn about blogging

Well, it's good to have a link to my web site on this blog, but as yet I don't feel that confident in 'spreading the word' and finding out how many person's might be interested in my 'Syai' project. (Plus that I've had a bad cold to get over just recently.) When I began my web site, one of the main purposes I had in mind was to see how much interest might be engendered in the manuscript I have written about the Syai on their planet Tuurioe, with the prospect that this might lead to suggestions on how best to submit it for publication. I am also writing what is more like a 'romance' or adventure novel which would probably be classed as a fantasy novel, about events that took place in Syai history seventeen centuries ago, when their society was more like the society of the early modern period (or late medieval) on our planet. Anyway, this might give the reader here a better idea of the intentions behind this blog. However, I am not shy about commenting on what's going on in our world today, but usually I will be doing this against a background of how it appears to me that this world's civilization will have to change in a 'Syai' direction, if it is to survive the next 100 to 500 years.


Anonymous Tonya said...

Well I am disappointed to see that you aren't updating your blog every day!

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