Sunday, January 28, 2007

The year is 2007

The year is 2007, and it is a long time since I last wrote a blog. I think being registered with Google will make it simpler to add things to my blog-site.

I have written a good deal about my book already, so I won't write much about that now, but this is the year I hope to have the book ('Okraalom') self-published. Then begins the attempt not to have a large box full of books that just sit in my spare room!

When I was looking at my last blog entry and couldn't remember how to get on with a new entry, I pressed the wrong button and got onto a blog with masses of pictures and comments about hideous death! Many of the pictures I suppose you would call pornographic.

It has always been a puzzle to me that men in general (much more than women, surely) associate sex with a kind of savagery, with death and horror. Of course that is not true of all men, but if you look into the youth underground culture, it seems to be most. My grandson makes animations that are not to do with sex, but certainly (and rather disturbingly) to do with death and horror. He may be different when he becomes a bit more mature - in his puberty - but with a lot of boys that may actually simply add sex to the death-and-horror menu.

It may have a lot to do with emotions that surround friendship and love that are very difficult to deal with - the fear of rejection; the way society, the peer-group, the modern consumer culture makes of sex something of a comodity, or a "good" thing that must be seen to fit into a pretty rigid normative structure to be acceptable and not invite criticism and scorn (or worse).

Of course, sex does have quite a lot to do with death. After good sex is "the little death". So I would say that to remove a boy's sexual development from slipping into so much of the narrowness, fear, guilt, envy and negativity that our contemporary society (and religions) seem to surround it with, one must deal positively with death. To be able to see death as the casting off of the old worn-out 'clothes' of the flesh and return to one's Universal Source; then one is not likely to invest sex with torture and horror. A sex-act can then become no worse than a rather meaningless act of pleasure shared with another or with oneself; or else an adjuct to a deep response not only to a loved-one, but to life itself in all its manifestations with a realistic sense of one's frailty and mortality. As 'Syai Ambassador,' what I have written here would fit pretty well with how the Syai would critically regard our situation here on this planet as far as the subject of sexual relationships is concerned. And because my book 'Okraalom' includes the horrors of civil war, it is able to make a comment on the subject.

Brian ('Syai Ambassador')


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