Thursday, June 08, 2006

Winter blues

A week behind already with this blog. Blame it on Winter. Most days I take a good walk with the dog, then I have my eldest grandson to look after and give a snack to, when he comes to me from his school (which his just around the corner from where I live.) What with those regular activities and the various tasks in and around the house - as a single elderly person retired running a household - there's not a lot of time left for 'story telling'. 'Story telling' (in my case fiction writing) is something I enjoy doing particularly in winter, because in my view, winter is the absolutely natural time to be doing it.

We are programed over thousands of years of 'semi-civilized' existence to spend a lot more time in Winter sleeping, to spend much time in our shelters or homes making and mending things, and also much time in mental invention and practice in the field of arts! Music with dancing and playing with language (poetry), creating pictures, and story telling. Winter should not be a time of stress.

But in present day societies Winter does seem to be a time of stress. Nothing changes significantly and slows down in Winter. People are 'pushed along' at the same pace as when, in Summer weather with the extra daylight, they have much more energy and a greater sense of well-being. The great god of 'growth' and 'time-is-money' and the fear that this country may fall behind the countries it likes to compare itself with, dictates to the people how they should be in Winter, and conducts their 'psychic orchestra' at the same relentless tempo as in Summer. No wonder social problems muliply like cold-germs in Winter.


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