Monday, May 15, 2006

Hurrying on

The older one gets the quicker time goes, but the energy one has to 'keep up with time' ('and "the times"') gets less. A warning to any young person who believes there's oceans of time and energy ahead for them.

'Hurrying onward' does not necessarily mean good progress. I intended to write regularly every week, this blog-diary. I'm already a few days behind.

What actually 'hurries on' with radical change (compared to the past eras) is everything in the present-day world that has to do with money, commerce and trade. Rapid change there, drags behind it changes in the 'psyche's and worldviews of people. But those kinds of changes are generally reactive, not positive, not intelligent, just confused readjustments. Human beings have not been equipped from their long-term pasts to cope with the kind of rapid change I have mentioned above. Hoped-for-wealth-driven invention and manipulation to maximized profits is not an engine of the kinds of changes we need to make in our thinking about the global future.

We look to the young for hope. But the young cannot shed the baggage of history and take on board a constructive critical perspective on how change should occur and be managed, because the baggage of the past - the traditionally interpreted historical, cultural and religious myths - are passed on subconsciously from we adults to our children.

Waking up people to new possibilities by looking more consciously at our 'shaping' from the past, is virtually impossible by direct confrontation. Perhaps it is better done by indirect means; writing as I am now trying to do, primarily only for entertainment and not to make any particular point about how things could or should change to make a better world. Doing this seems to be igniting my creative 'fire' - it seems to remove from me, as an amateur writer, the sense of just banging my head against a brick wall in order to make known that there might actually be an incipient better world on the other side. That is, if only our subconsciously-absorbed past were more openly and critically revealed, and not so 'stickily' within us.


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