Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who am I Blogging for?

Well, myself for a start, like 'markup '. I started a diary at New Year as usual, but that as usual that didn't last long. Get in the habit of doing these blogs fairly regularly, and at least my friends and close relatives will be able to look me up, so I won't need to write so many e-mails.

Nothing very personal here, because I'll always be looking at the possiblilities of writing stuff that will be of general interest, or of interest to particular groups with interests in common with me. I should always keep a door open to having 'strangers' see my blogs and comment.

As appears on my right hand guff, I have a web page. I have just completed a course - a pretty brief one - on web sites. The mystery seems to be solved as regards how Google (and others?) rank ones web site along with others that deal with the same subject. It isn't at all just how many 'clicks'. It reminds me of valuating properties in N.Z. towns. How do you work out your property's value? Not by the property itself and its merits or demerits so much as who sells and buys and shows that they want to live in your area by buying in a property in your area. It's apparently similar with how ones web site is ranked subject-wise. It depends on how many connections are made to your web site as shown on other people's (or organization's) web sites. That said, I don't give myself much hope for the 'Syai' web site at the present time, with millions of sites containing the key words that are pertinent to getting to know mine as a stranger.

Sometimes on this blog I'll be going back to mention the 'Syai' world as it was seventeen centuries ago, on the planet then called Okraalom. I am writing a novel about it. But, like the web site, I'm not too hopeful. On Saturday March 18 a very well writtin article was published in the Christchurch Press. It was by Anna Claridge. 'Only a few win with words'. To anybody hoping one day to publish a first novel, it's pretty discouraging. Your novel may be good, better than some published, but all sorts of factors come into it, much of it to do with 'connections' and sheer luck too. In writing in this blog about 'Okraalom' I'll probably refer again to this article.


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