Friday, February 22, 2008

Life on computer

Testing to see if blogging is working OK. There's usually something cropping up on the computer where what you expect to work doesn't work or stops working for no apparent reason. I will try again to put a comment on my grandson's blog - had no luck last time I tried. Also, quite arbitrarily, my password has stopped working on the 'Firstwriter' site, and it didn't work when I tried to gain membership of 'Wickipedia'. I wanted to ask some questions concerning the energy alternative entries for the next novel I'm writing after 'Okraalom'. Having been so discouraged by the apparently hopeless efforts I've put into that book, I've decided not to publish the next, but just make a few ring-bound copies. As a would-be author, given my age and my too old-fashioned style of writing, it's time I faded out.

I don't suppose the 'Sea of Faith' computer network reaches many people, but it is certainly a rare forum of intelligent 'computer' debate on important issues. There's been a good and prolonged discussion on Voluntary Euthanasia recently, and almost unanimous agreement by the participants (many of whom are connected to Christian churches) that V.E. has got to come. The public want it, but it seems that because the Catholic Church here in New Zealand is so powerful, has such ability and deliberate policy to 'inject' its educated people into all the major politically and culturally important positions in this country, we are to be forever frustrated. I can't understand why in countries like Sweden, with a very small number of Catholics, V.E. hasn't long ago been legally instituted.


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