Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An inconvenient Truth

Well, I haven't posted anything on this blog site for a long time, and probably postings will continue to be pretty rare. But it appears to be still up and running. Whether anybody ever looks at it or not I suspect not.
I was quite impressed to have seen Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' at last. It is now available on DVD here in NZ. I think perhaps the two most significant facts coming out of it is the continued steep rise in human population and the huge increase in the CO2 in the atmosphere. Mr Gore hardly did justice to the first fact. He seemed to have no suggestions, and just brushed over it. I suppose it is a very drastic and unpopular step to take for a high profile person to suggest that the 'fundamental right' of humans to reproduce themselves as much as they feel like doing should be curtailed. The other matter is the CO2 phenomenal rise in quantity in the atmosphere. The temperature over all the globe is rising now, but what the long term effects will be, still seems to be in doubt. Whatever it is, it isn't going to be good. I'm quite bewildered trying to get my head around what all the 'carbon credit' stuff is about, and I don't see much concern to change anywhere in the world's general public so far. I'm pretty sure 'voluntary' will not be enough, but governments seem to be less competent than ever to get busy and enforce the changes necessary. Everywhere, they seem to be pawns of the air-heads in the media and the special-interest lobby groups. My relatives will say I'm a natural pessimist, but the outlook seems pretty dismal for our descendents - hard not to agree to that.