Thursday, March 13, 2008

As a writer on w.o.p. (Info.on purchase of book)

The book 'Okraalom' is in the fantasy section of 'Worthy of Publishing' which site for registered readers and writers is available . There's a possibility that a reader - having read one or more chapters - will click on the 'buy my book' button at the end of chapters, to find out details of how to buy the book. For that reason, I'm using this blog to enable such a reader to get in touch with me. The book is available for 14.50 in New Zealand dollars, plus postage. The prospective buyer can contact me by e-mail , or by telephone Christchurch New Zealand 64 3 9812969. Send the money to this address: 137 Milton Street Christchurch 8024, and the book will be dispatched to you.

I am working on another novel of a rather different kind, but there is a link. I know this novel will be of particular interest to my family, but I'm not yet decided on how to present it - whether to submit it anywhere or print it myself of just make a number of copies for family and friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a synopsis of the book online somewhere? I stumbled across this page while randomly surfing and have no idea if it is the sort of book I would find interesting, or not.

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