Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Starting 2009

I've had a request for 'Okraalom' possibly from overseas,
so who knows? Again, if anyone gets connected to this
blog because of their interest in that book,
please e-mail me at
and I will respond, copies are still available.

This year starts out on a somber note, with the so-called
global meltdown. Signs of it are around.
A flourishing garage combined mini-supermarket near
my place has closed down. There's more empty shelves
in the big supermarkets. There are big cars parked
around, up for sale. My plans for the future as I
envisage them at this stage, is to finish my second
book which will probably be my last.
It is kind of autobiographical but also a background
to Syai and a development of one aspect of Okraalom.
In it is a chapter on how
we have the global financial system that we do have
and which is in process of collapsing.
If anyone is interested in that by itself,
I may supply that chapter as a separate part of the book.
I had decided that this book would never be published
like Okraalom was, but I may change my mind.


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